Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Serena Williams and the Birthday Suit Issue

Ever since ESPN released their first ever Body Issue magazine on October 9th, the Net has been abuzz with criticism of Serena Williams going the full monty on the cover. I admit that after first hearing about this I was pretty shocked. Since she is my second favorite tennis player(Venus Williams is my favorite), I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for her and her accomplishments. I'd never imagine her stooping low like many celebrity females and trading their bodies for stacks of cash and fame.

So, of course, I searched for these supposed outrageous pictures in fear of having my ideals of a strong woman dashed into the pavement. Low and behold, when I actually viewed the photographs, I found very tasteful and beautiful images of a fit athlete. There was nothing at all sordid, trashy or disgraceful about them. Consequently, this lead me to my next meandering thought.

Why is it that Williams was singled out when there are several other female athletes in the same magazine nude? Is it because the visage of such a proud, fierce and voluptuous black woman is too much heat for the American public to handle? Is it more racist backlash from those who despise her for residing at the top of women's tennis? Is it the haters from her own race that can't breath if another sister succeeds? I really don't have the answer, but it surely seems fishy to me.

All I can say to Serena is ...
Side Note: egyptsaidso.com reported that Williams could possible be banned from tennis and receive a fine for participating in this nude magazine issue. However, I could find no other report to substantiate the claim. So, I won't comment on the insanity of that prospect and treat it as a rumor until I see otherwise.

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